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Getting Income Tax Clearance for Foreign Travel

  1. Photocopy of passport  ( 2 copies )
  2. Photocopy of Visa ( 2 copies )
  3. Photocopy of 5 years income tax return ( 2 copies ) (filed acknowledgment)
  4. Appointment letter ( 2 copies )
  5. Certificate from employer (original & copy)
  6. Affidavit (if applicable)


First you should understand how Indian Govt. organizations work. You won't be able to move your application from the desk of the clerk without giving him atleast Rs 100/-. So the first advice is to distribute money in your pockets. In your wallet , keep the change which you wish to give, and don't forget to bargain. If you hadn't had any earlier experience of bureaucracy then initially you might be in a shock. They will ask for money clearly and shamelessly. Having done your homework well follow the procedure.
  1. You have to get your IT initiation from the office of your salary ward [3(8)]. If you happen to be a bangalorean, then it is at third floor. Submit your filled application to the clerk there and he will give you a receipt of your application. Pay Rs100/- so that he takes your application to the IT officer immediately.
  2. The IT officer might ask you few questions. The most important is the date of your travel which you specify in form 31. It should be within 30 days at the time of your seeking the certificate. If it is more then you will have to get the permission of the PR officer. The clerk of the IT officer might ask for a heavy bribe ( around 450-500 Rs) Try to bring it down as much you can.
  3. Once you get clearance from the IT officer you have to submit one copy of form 31 and his approval at the foreign section. You might have to wait for few hours to get your final certificate.(form 32) You can pay around Rs 20-30 to the peon to make it faster but it is not necessary. (Ground floor in Bangalore)

[see rule 42]
Application for certificate under section 230(1) of the
Income-tax Act,1961


The [Assessing Office],
Foreign Section ..........


I request that a Tax Clearance Certificate/an Exemption Certificate be
granted to me.

I give below the necessary particulars:-

1. Full name of the applicant(in block
1A. Present Address.

1B. Permanent Address.

2. Name of father (or husband)

3. Domicile and nationality

4. Nature of business or profession,
   etc.,, in India.

5. Name of Income-tax Circle in which
   assessed and the G.I.R.No.(if known)

6. Whether exemption is claimed under
   any section of Act? if so , which

7. Place(s) at which the business or
   profession is/was carried on

8. Date of arrival in India(when were
   the previous visits made and what
   were the periods of stay in each

9. Destination of journey

10.Designation of the {Assessing
   Officer], if any, who made the last
   assessment on the applicant

11. Probable date of depature

12. Mode of travel (by air/sea/land)

13. Date of intended return, if any

14. Passport No./Emergency Certificate
    issued on (date)
    from (place and country)

I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information
furnished in the application is correct,complete and is truly stated.

Authorization form obtained from the [Assessing Officer].......
is enclosed herewith.

Place :
Date  :                               Yours faithfully,

Author : Ashim Gupta
email  :
Dated  : 10th Oct 1998 Bangalore