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Present Address:
1282 Vicente Dr #C
Permanent Address:
New Delhi - 110058

Sr R&D Engineer-I
Synopsys Inc,
Mountain View,CA
19th Mar 2001 - present

  • Current Project : Synthesis & Placement for Multi-voltage & Multi-supply designs
  • Software Description:  Development of new technology for Physical compiler & Design compiler which allows a semiconductor vendors to design chips which can have different modules operating at different voltages, thus better optimizing power & speed. This involves being able to synthesis a designers specifications taking into consideration how the different power's flow and switching-on & off various sections of the chip. This is one of the latest and hottest semi-conductor technology which needs a lot of work before it can be completely automated providing a much lesser turn-around time for such chips in future.
  • Some highlights of the project are:-
  • Analysis: Feasibilty of various solutions, prototyping the solutions and analyzing them for their performances.
  • Role


  • Project : Spare cells placement
  • Software Description: Automatic detection & placement of spare cells in the floorplan.  It enables a better quality of results of the overall placement of the Chip and allows On-Silicon engineering changes.
  • Role: Researched the Algorithm and developed the functionality to be delivered to the customers.

  •  CAD Engineer
     Qualcomm Inc.
     San Diego,CA.
     7th Dec 1998-12th Mar 2001

     Software Design Engineer
     Texas Instruments (India) Ltd.
     Ist July1996- Oct 1998

    Involved in Development & support of Software Tools for ASIC design Flow. The job consists of integrating Third party CAD tools into TI's own design flow. This is to use the best third party and our own tools to give a competitive edge to TI.

    Industrial Experiences :

      C.M.C Ltd.
      Ist Jan 1996-24th June 1996